We take pleasure in introducing ourselves as a professionally managed Contracting & Industrial supplies company operating in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Under the Ali Ayesh Al Jumaia Est assisted by a team of internationally experienced professionals, we are well established in Saudi Arabia, providing Construction works, Fabrication works & Manpower Supply Div., to a wide spectrum of clients. Presently we have major clients for the reputed companies in Saudi Arabia., being provided efficient and prompt services from our company with a mark of quality in timely manner.

We participate in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for social & Economical Developments. Exera was formed in 2004, by undersigned Mr. Hassan Jumaia with a 100% Saudi National Ownership, under the C.R No. : 2053022554 AJC has a professionally managed, highly qualified motivated and experienced staff to cope with the fast developments of this Kingdom.

Exera is engaged in various construction works, Fabrication works including the related design and consulting job, apart from the operation and maintenance vide the enclosed.

Exera is also engaged in supply of all categories of skilled and un-skilled labors, Administrative staff, Engineers and professionals, by a term of international experience and a mark of professionalism.

We shall be pleased to depute our representative to meet you and discus our specialization as per your requirements, and assist you in a professional manner.